Safeguard Data Sovereignty,

Build Organization Future

Secure mobile office and application development platform for government and organization & infrastructure in digital economy era.


Social instant communication platform with billions of concurrent messages

Perfect integration of messages and workflows by interfacing with current OA, call center, video meeting, CRM, HR, private banks, etc.
Strong office suite covering diversified terminals including Android, iOS, PC, etc
Collaboration apps such as video meeting, approval, online document, flexible and customized workbench, and cross-department organization contacts.

Publicity for organization culture & digital news platform

Different contents like honor, events, policies, with various forms like articles, videos, and links.
Safeguard data security and sovereignty in digital era
Highly secure and mature technical solutions from product to data through binary private protocol, transmission encryption, verification, data encryption, data backup, multi-site and multi-active deployment, etc.
Strong native capacity & low code app development platform
Various app scenarios such as online education, government services, mobile payments, etc. through third-party interface based on the high scalability of open platform, low-code development platform and mobile payment platform.


Information Security

  • Watermark

    Watermark on message and contacts pages for information leakage traceability.

  • Secret Chat

    Auto-erase after reading; no trace in server; no copying and forwarding; mosaic name and profile photo; no screenshot neither screen cast.

  • Internal Group

    No external personnel. Auto-leave from group while resignation.

  • Executive Mode

    High privacy for executives to ensure information security.

  • Sensitive Word

    Real-time filter could monitor sensitive words produced possibly to keep apps clean.

  • Security Password

    Security password is needed when the app has operated in background for over a certain time.

  • Private Protocol

    Safe and traffic-saving through binary private protocol code.

  • Localized Deployment

    Localized deployment on mobile, desktop, admin panel, operational panel, and website for safeguarding data sovereignty.

Online Office

  • Read & Unread

    Read and unread message status makes communication efficient.

  • Audio & Video Meeting

    Convenient, fluent, and secure online meeting. One-click to attend, support lock meeting and meeting password.

  • Process Approval

    Online process approval, available process status, and convenient search assist in efficient office to get rid of paper.

  • Checking-in

    One-click to check in on mobile and unified management of all attendance counted in real time.

Online Collaboration

  • Organization Contacts

    Clear organization structure and unified management of department and its members in organization background.

  • Quick Communication

    Find anyone at one glance and contact workmates directly without adding friends.

  • External Contacts

    After establishing mutual trust between organizations, the members in the list could communicate with another.

  • Drive

    No need to Download the document, view and edit when you open it, support multi-people online editing at same time, with content updated in real time.


  • Article & News

    Diversified contents like honors, events, policies, etc.

  • Video Play

    Videos in articles for users to learn by playing.

  • Likes & Comments

    Likes and comments reflects article popularity and reader attitudes.

  • Learning Points

    Learning points obtained by reading, favorites, likes, comments, etc.


  • Open Platform

    Develop internal office app and expand functions based on actual scenarios.

  • Low-Code Platform

    Drag to create process like asking for leave, outing, contract approval, etc.

  • Third-party App

    Integrate third-party apps by providing developer with SDK and API.

  • Operation Panel

    Manage and control sensitive content risks, and safeground platform security by log audit.


  • Multiple Languages

    Support multiple languages such as Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

  • Language Customization

    Customize local languages maturely and perfectly based on actual areas.

  • International Service Team

    Hundreds of local service teams in areas such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc.

  • 7*24 Hours

    All-process safeguard service for 7*24 hours including on-site training, technology guidance, maintenance, etc.


Smart government affairs

The unified government affair collaboration platform realizes multi-layer and multi-department linkage between decision-making and execution.

Smart office

The smart mobile office platform provides systematic solutions to improve the communication and collaboration efficiency for enterprises.

Smart campus

The digital and smart education solutions integrating software and hardware provides the functions of online education, family-school linkage, campus management, administrative office, and logistics service, etc.

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Client Cases

One tax bureau builds citizen trust through more secure office platform

"Every year sees confidential data process from 8 million citizens and 300 thousand enterprises. Therefore, security and efficiency play an essential role in organization. BLING improves the organization capacity of secure office and efficiency of information process and prevent its risks better."

One ministry of education creates a popular platform for students and staff

"We are responsible for management of 20 public universities which had to suspend their traditional teaching owing to COVID-19. BLING helps us to create a integrated and secure online education portal which brings unified education experience for 2.8 million students and 50 thousand teachers."



  • Android

  • iPhone

  • Mac

  • Windows

  • Linux RPM | DEB

Safeguard Data Sovereignty, Build Organization Future

Secure mobile office and application development platform for government and organization & infrastructure in digital economy era.

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